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In the old days in Yakushima, they used to say, “10 days at sea, 10 days in the village and 10 days in the mountains." People plowed the fields in the village and received nature’s blessings from the sea and mountains. We, at sankara, made the blessings of the island into sankara cuisine to provide a delectable taste that can only be enjoyed here.


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sankara hotel&spa YAKUSHIMA
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Connected to local suppliers to 
create tastes available only on the island
A message from Chef

The concept we value the most at sankara is "local production for local consumption." Just like regional cuisine developed in each region of France, we use our ingenuity to use local ingredients for our French cuisine.

Regardless of French or Japanese cuisine, we select our ingredients based on whether they represents the island. Ever since the opening of the restaurant, we have been closely connected with the local suppliers and expanded the network. This allowed us to acquire seafood that is not available on the market and cooperate with farmers to produce rare fresh or raw vegetables.

You can acquire anything in the city, but on this island, ingredients that are available change as the season changes. Also, because of the weather and conditions at sea, we are not able always to get what we want. Coming up with ideas of how to please our guests in undesirable situations is the most difficult part of our job, yet it gives us a sense of pride.

We believe that we have a wide variety of options to offer to our guests, such as exploring new ingredients and how to make their stay even better. Please do not hesitate to talk to us about anything from fishing to scuba diving as well as the food.

Executive chef   Chiharu Takei

Ingredients found on the island Blessings from nature in four seasons that support the life of residents of the island

  • SpringIn February, farmers begin harvesting tankan, a famous produce of Yakushima. You can enjoy picking wild plants, such as bracken, Fatsia sprouts and Japanese silver leaf, as well as bamboo shoots. Raspberries, plums and bayberries can become ingredients for making syrup, jam or liquor. Planting of early harvest rice begins in the rice paddies.

  • SummerTaking advantage of the warm climate, tropical fruits, such as bananas, mangos, pineapples and dragon fruit, are grown in Yakushima. sankara homemade fruit jam is served to hotel guests at breakfast.

  • AutumnThe sea around Yakushima is one of the areas in Japan where many types of fish are seen. Fishing gnomefish, butterfish, greater amberjack, local crab and lobster are very active in this area. Though Flying fish are caught all year around, autumn is the best season. It is also time to harvest produce, such as sweet potatoes and anno-imo, which become ingredients for shochu.

  • WinterThe sea around Yakushima, into which the main stream of the Japanese Current flows, stays warm at around 19 ˚C, even in winter, which brings a lot of seafood from the south. The main target of mackerel fishing is Blue Mackerel and "neck-broken mackerel," mackerel whose necks are broken and whose blood is drained as soon as they are fished out of water to maintain the freshness, and which are famous for being served as sashimi.

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