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Enjoy unparalleled relaxation on 
the World Natural Heritage Island of 

The island has some of the highest mountains seen throughout Kyushu, rising nearly straight up from the coast. With this steep geographical formation, Yakushima has come to be known as "the Alps of the sea." Warm ocean currents surround the island, yet in winter the mountains are capped in snow.
This climate of great temperature differences has nurtured a distinct diversity of flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world.
The island is famed for its spectacular river hikes and treks to see ancient Japanese cedars, yakusugi, but it is also a place for enjoying the luxury of doing absolutely nothing. Time spent enjoying delicious meals and a quality spa is a special treat on Yakushima.
It takes just 3 hours to get to Yakushima from Tokyo via Kagoshima Airport. Combined air ticket and stay reservations can be booked here on this site. Villa-style guest rooms and a butler service offer you the chance to have the stay of a lifetime.

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